15-Year-Old Boy Saves Driver from Lake

GEAUGA COUNTY, OH--A 15-year-old boy out fishing at an Ohio lake turned into a hero when he was just feet away when a car drove into the water. Thankfully, he jumped into action to save the driver's life.

The 30-year-old driver says he suffered a medical emergency and doesn't remember how he ended up in the water. 15-year-old Sam Sell was nearby heard the splash and swam out to the car. According to Sam, he kept talking to the driver--asking him if he was OK. Sam then used a knife to break into the window and get him ou of the car. .

"At first I was unsure what to do and then I was like alright I need to do this because I like think of things as if this happen to me how I would want somebody to react to help me," he explained.

The driver was not hurt in the crash. it's not clear what medical problems caused him to drive into the water.