18-year-old killed, woman wounded in North Philadelphia shooting

A manhunt is underway after a double shooting in North Philadelphia. The shooting left a teen dead and a woman wounded.

Surveillance cameras caught neighbors as they ran for cover after a barrage of gunfire echoed down 26th Street near Somerset just before 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. When the shooting stopped, the 18-year-old murder victim's bike was left lying in the middle of the street.

"Bang, bang, bang, heard about 7 shots," one neighbor told FOX 29 Wednesday afternoon. "Just crazy there's always shooting around this neighborhood, but not this close."

"Children killing children. It's a disgrace," neighbor Tyesha Toldeo said.

Police say at least 18 shots where fired. The victim ran several feet before collapsing on this sidewalk. A 20-year-old woman innocently walking down the street was also struck by gunfire.

"The lady was down on the ground. She was screaming. She was shot in her arm," Toledo explained.

The shooting scene is just 50 feet from a police surveillance camera on the corner and a daycare half a block away. Neighbors say these streets were crowded with children and teenagers when the shots were fired.

"It's sad," Toledo said.

Police recovered a handgun a few feet from the victim's bicycle but could not say if it was the murder weapon. Crime scene investigators also dusted for fingerprints on the front door of a home a block away. Neighbors meanwhile were upset with all the gunfire here with summer just starting.

Investigators are trying to determine if this shooting is related to a shooting Saturday night on Edgely Street and another in the 2300 block of Lehigh a few nights later.

Police have not said yet if the city police camera near the scene actually captured the shooting. They did recover other evidence, including fingerprints at the scene.