2 arrested in shooting that injured 10 in Strawberry Mansion

Kimberly Reynolds has a new set of rules to live by in her North Philly neighborhood of 45 years.

"It's to the point I have a grand baby," Reynolds told Fox 29. "She's four years old. I tell her 'You can't go past this pole or that pole,'"

The visual markers are a response to the increasing violence of the area, including a nearby shooting which took place two weeks ago.

"They're hurting innocent people that don't have anything to do with your particular anger," Reynolds said.

On Monday, she and other neighbors felt a sense of relief. During a news conference, police announced that they've arrested two men who they believe fired 27 rounds into a crowd of people, including children. The victims were outside listening to music and dancing in Strawberry Mansion. Ten people were shot.

"Now that their code of honor is 'I'm not telling on anybody,' it's great that these people who are doing this stuff get caught, because [there has] to be some consequences," Reynolds said.

Police have announced the arrests of two men who they say opened fire on a crowd of people, shooting 10 of them.

Commissioner Ross and Central Detectives held a press conference on Monday announcing the arrest of 19-year-old Tyrell Broadnax of West Arizona Street, who turned himself in to authorities.

A second suspect, 18-year-old Quadir Burley of West Lehigh Avenue is currently in Montgomery County Prison on a theft related charge. Philadelphia Police will pick him up tomorrow to face charges in the shooting.

The shooting took place May 20 on the 2500 block of North 23rd Street. Investigators say the suspects were trying to shoot one man in the crowd over a long-standing dispute. Police would not say exactly what the dispute entailed.

The nine men and one woman shot all survived.

Police have not recovered the weapons used in the shooting.