2 dead, 2 wounded in North Philadelphia shooting

A shooting on the 1100 block of West Stiles Street in North Philadelphia has left two men dead and two men wounded.

"My kids had to actually run past bodies on the ground," said Edward Smallwood. He lives on the 1100 block of West Stiles Street in North Philly where someone fired nearly two dozen shots shooting four people. Two of them are dead.

"My mind is just everywhere right now . I have kids in the house. Four of them. 3 minutes earlier maybe they could have been shot," he said.

Dozens of police responded to the scene at Harrison Plaza public housing around 3:30 this afternoon. They even transported three of the victims to the hospital.
Police say one victim drove himself there.

"We had four individuals standing there. We believe someone came from east of this location and started firing. There is one shooter, maybe two," said homicide Captain James Clark. He says the victims are all men between the age of 24 and 30. Two were pronounced dead at the hospital. Two others remained in critical but stable condition late this evening. Pill bottles were scattered near the area cordoned off by crime scene tape but police couldn't confirm if they had anything to do with the shooting.
Council President Darrell Clarke was also at the scene.

"Our numbers were trending down but all it takes is a very violent week or two and it's been a pretty violent week the last several days," he said.

Smallwood watched from his back door pointing out there's a school across the street and kids were coming home as this happened.

"No one thinks of that. Man we need to get this together. What are we doing? How far are we getting with this? Seriously," he said.

Police say the shooters may have gotten away in a small gray SUV parked nearby. They have not found the weapon used in the shooting.