2 Montgomery County brothers shop for neighbors in an effort to help the community

Two brothers are driving through Lower Merion shopping together, but not for themselves. Tagged the “Shopping Bros,” they are shopping for neighbors who can’t leave their homes in the age of the coronavirus crisis.

Josh and Zeke Millrood are stuck home while school is closed. Josh’s junior year at Harriton High School, and Zeke’s freshman year at Tulane were cut short. The brothers also lost part-time jobs, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The uncertainty was definitely troubling,” said Zeke. “I didn’t really know what to do with myself.”

The two were bored, until their mom encouraged them to reach out to neighbors in Lower Merion, asking if anyone needed them to pick up groceries or run errands.

“It’s not only for us to make some money, but we are helping out the greater good of the community by delivering groceries,” said Josh Millrood.


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For $15 a trip, paid via Venmo, neighbors can email them a shopping list. The boys wear gloves, use sanitation wipes and practice social distancing.

Two Montgomery County brothers shop to help their neighbors.

“Some people will request for us to drop it off the bags at their door without actually engaging with them,” explained Zeke. “But with the people we do talk with, when we are bringing up their groceries, they've been generally pretty appreciative and that’s nice to hear knowing that we are having an impact.”

Their first customer, Amy Moldin, gave them a high rating.

“They did a great job. They were really easy to communicate with. If they didn’t find something in the store they showed me alternative options and were texting with me. They were really professional and I’m thankful for them,” Moldin explained.

Whether it’s for a family of young kids or looking out for someone more vulnerable to COVID-19, the brothers say they are happy to help.

“Knowing that there is something concrete, that I’m putting forward that I’m actually improving people’s lives, it really does make a difference,” said Zeke.

Anyone wishing to contact the "Shopping Bros" can email them joshmillrood@gmail.com.


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