3-year-old crowned homecoming queen

DENVER, Colo. (KTVU) - Homecoming games are being played this time of year at high school's all across the country and one school in Denver has a truly beautiful little homecoming queen.

Her name is Avelynn, and she just turned three years old.

Avelynn was born with several complications, and has undergone multiple open heart surgeries.

Her mother says she wasn't expected to live past six weeks.

This summer the Manual High School football team met her while doing some community service.

They were asked to install grass in her family's backyard.

"When we saw that little girl walk out onto her new lawn it touched my heart so much. I wanted to cry," said one of the players.

So they said they decided to give her the opportunity to be crowned homecoming queen, since it's probably something she wouldn't experience later in life.

The team didn't win their homecoming game, but they were all winners off the field.