5 additional local counties added to CDC's substantial community transmission map

Community transmission of COVID-19’s delta variant is on the rise in our area and it’s as transmissible as the highly contagious virus chickenpox, according to the CDC.

Burlington County mom Christa Zodda says the news means we can’t let our guard down.

"I’m vaccinated but my kids aren’t, obviously," Zodda said. "They’ll definitely be wearing masks more and I’ll probably be wearing masks more now." 

CDC internal documents also warning that breakthrough infections among the vaccinated may be as transmissible as those in unvaccinated people.

Dr. Mike Cirigliano calls delta’s degree of contagion "sobering"

"It ends to lead to larger numbers of viral particles, viral load," he said.

High viral load even among the vaccinated.

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that just under 60% of eligible Americans are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The rise in cases, which health experts attribute to the more infectious delta variant, has caused the CDC to recommend that both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people resume indoor mask-wearing in certain public settings and particularly in areas of "high risk." 

The CDC provides on its website a by county breakdown of the areas that are considered to have high or substantial transmission

On Friday, Philly, Camden, Salem, Cape May and New Castle counties jumped from moderate community transmission to substantial, according to the CDC,  joining a growing list in our area.


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COVID-19 delta variant as contagious as chickenpox, CDC internal docs warn

COVID-19 delta variant as contagious as chickenpox, CDC internal docs warn

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