6-year-old boy goes viral on TikTok after enthusiastic reaction to getting Phillies tickets

A little boy is going viral on TikTok after his mom captured his enthusiastic reaction as she presented him with Philadelphia Phillies tickets. 

Six-year-old Keith Clark is not only an exceptional Phillies fan, but he’s also an avid reader. The young Phillies phanatic won a free ticket at school after he was crowned the best reader in his class. Unfortunately, though, Keith’s mom, Amanda Clark, could not get another ticket in time for them to go.

 For Amanda, this just wasn’t acceptable.

"I was just stressed about it because he’s gotta go," she said. "He’s seen the ticket, so now he’s really begging me to go."

Amanda was on a mission to take her son to a Phillies game and after a friend gave her two free tickets, the surprise was on.

Keith’s infectious smile, hysterical laughter, and pure appreciation for a simple game of baseball, has gotten him more than 65K likes on the viral TikTok that captures his raw reaction. 

"No way! We’re going there? Me and you? Thank you! I can’t wait to go," Keith said in the video. 

Impressed isn’t even the word to describe how Keith was feeling at the game. 

"Well, Bryce Harper? He was like the fastest thrower ever!" he said. 

The TikTok is now catching the attention of Major League Baseball itself as they replied to the video, "Who’s cutting onions in this office?"