73-Year Old Marine Vet Dies from Shooting Inside Abington Home

A 73-year old Abington man is dead and police say the man they believe shot him then turned the gun on himself.

"When I was in the house I heard bang bang bang like that and it sounded like a gun and I went to my window to look out and didn't see anything so I was afraid to open the door I thought whoever had a gun might hit me and then I saw the wife come out screaming and hollering, "Wilson said.

Gladys Wilson is a neighbor and says she's been a close friend to the victim and his wife for at least 40 years.
Wilson and a family member who didn't want to talk on camera say the victim is a 73-year old Marine veteran.

Wilson says his wife Christine ran outside after it happened and allegedly said she knew who shot her husband.
Police say the suspect took off in a Toyota. They have not said what led to the shooting.

Wilson can't believe what happened. She said she spent time with the couple just yesterday.

"I'm supposed to be in here wrapping gifts and now I can't do a thing she and I his wife shopped all day yesterday," Wilson said.

FOX 29 has reached out to police all evening. We're still waiting to learn more about the suspect and his whereabouts.