9-year-old girl makes big donation from lemonade sales to police department

A 9-year-old Easton girl made a big donation from her lemonade sales to the Bethlehem Police Department.

9-year-old Brooklyn Pronovich loves playing sports, video games and hockey with little her sister and her friend Morgan. But this adorable and sometimes shy little girl also has a big heart.

"I like helping people," she said. Every year Brooklyn runs a lemonade stand. This past August made the fifth year.

"We had lemonade, pink lemonade, iced tea and my aunt made cookie bars," she said. Morgan helped out.

"We would be like do you want to buy any like lemonade or treats and they would be like how much would it be? And we would say it would be like a donation," said Morgan.

The recipe was so good Brooklyn made $1255.00 and with the help of her dad she decided to donate it to the Bethlehem Police Department for supplies and vests for its K9. Her dad's friend is a police officer there.On Monday, the family dropped off the check to the mayor and police chief. Brooklyn started with Wounded Warriors then last year the lemonade stand benefited Active Heroes.

"I got it this from the Active Heroes because when I gave them the money they sent me this," she said as she showed us a plaque. Her father Jeff who is an Army veteran says he's proud of his little girl.

"I think so many people want to help but they don't know how so it takes one person with an initiative like her who says I want to do this and there it is and it's over pouring amount of support," he said.