9-year-old Gloucester County girl holds birthday food drive

A 9-year-old girl asked for food donations instead of birthday gifts this year to help others during the coronavirus pandemic. She fed 30 families and says it was the best birthday yet.

"I had a list of things that I wanted for my birthday, like 10 things that I wanted for my birthday," Giavanna Nelms told FOX 29.

Like most children, 9-year-old Giavanna Nelms was excited to celebrate her birthday and for many like her, they had to face the fact that the coronavirus pandemic meant that a real part was going to be impossible. Rather than pout, she had an idea when she heard her family talking.

“My mom and pop pop were talking about people who don’t have food and are afraid to get out of their house because they’re afraid they’re gonna catch the virus,”  Giavanna explained.


Hearing that, she made an observation and a decision about her birthday presents this year that was mature so far beyond her years.

“I didn’t really need them, I wanted them and other people need things, other people need food," she said.

Just like that, the kid from Monroe Township, Gloucester County.  birthday turned into one big donation drive for those in need and they would celebrate in style.

“There was a parade and everybody was like honking and giving us food for the pantry,"  Giavanna said.

Her mom Tara posted the announcement about their birthday food drive on a community page on Facebook and people responded all day long. She was glowing about her party even after it was done, saying she had fed a total of 30 families in the area, calling it the best birthday ever.

“Because I wanted to make people smile and I saw people smile, "Giavanna said.

Clearly, she made a difference and after learning about the hero nominations, she reluctantly accepted the accolades that many will agree she deserves.

Happy Birthday to one great hero – for goodness sake.

If you wish to donate more food you can bring it to the Monroe Township Pfeiffer Community Center.

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