A new luxury hotel is ready for guests on Long Beach Island

A new, luxurious hotel is opening this week on Long Beach Island. It’s taken 18-months to build, but the planning started more than a decade ago.

“I always dreamed of doing something really special in the entrance gateway building to Long Beach Island,” said owner Chris Vernon.

Chris’ dream can’t be missed, as one crosses the causeway bridge onto Long Beach Island. The sleek, resort hotel of yesteryear, with all the modern amenities.

Hotel LBI on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Hotel LBI on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

The spacious lobby and bar, fitness room, conservatory for parties, pool with impressive retractable roof – needed for Sunday’s sudden downpour – the rooftop bar that goes on forever. And, the views, spectacular, from bay to ocean.

There are 102 guest rooms. The bridal suite is sumptuous with a stunning shower.

The hotel sits on the site of the famous Quarterdeck Inn.

“It’s great to see Hotel LBI, from the 70’s when it was the Quarterdeck and I used to party down there, back in the day,” said Brenda Driver.

Back when Chris was a kid.

“I was born and raised, fifth generation LBI folks, and it just gets into your bones. You come over that causeway bridge and you roll down the windows and the sea air comes into your lungs and you yell ‘It’s summertime! Yes, it’s summertime,’” Vernon explained.

The original building was constructed in the 1950’s as a vacation destination. Now to be enjoyed by future generations, including Chris’ college sophomore daughter, working in guest relations for the summer.

“The thing that people are most excited about is how the hotel does such a great job of honoring the history and deep tradition,” Libby Vernon stated.

Chris is invested in Long Beach Island, one of many properties he owns nearby, including the Bonnette Island Estate for weddings and the Holiday Inn, where a crazy, new, rope and zip/line go cart track opens in two weeks.

Back at Hotel LBI, guests are impressed.

“This is definitely going to be something big for Long Beach Island,” Stefanie Cubala observed.

“I can definitely say they brought something here that no one has tapped into just yet,” Angel Jimenez said.

“Gorgeous. They’ve done everything, above and beyond for us,” Bridget Hansen stated.

“You’ll be back?” asked FOX 29’s Brad Sattin.

“I’ve already booked for Labor Day,” she replied.