Abandoned dog found tied to tree with note explaining why

"To whomever loves dogs: She's an amazing dog," read the note. "Human friendly. Dog Friendly. All shots. And a sweetheart."

Police in Connecticut say a dog found abandoned and tied to a tree had a note attached to her collar that read in part “please help.”

The note read: "To whomever love dogs. She's an amazing dog. House trained. Brendal and bully. Aug. 12 she'll be 3 yrs. Human friendly. Dog friendly. All shots. And a sweet heart. Here name is Annabell. Couldn't afford her. Please help."

Annabell was wearing a black collar with the note attached, but had no tags or microchip when she was discovered Friday in Cranbury Park.

For now, the dog is being housed at Norwalk Animal Shelter.

It is illegal to abandon a dog in Connecticut, the CT Post reported.

Messages have since poured in on Facebook regarding Annabell.

"My heart goes out to the owner who did this even though I really do not approve of abandoning an animal like this," one poster wrote.

"Whomever adopts her, I pray it’s a loving forever home & they have the financial resources to give whatever she needs," another said.

Anyone with information about the dog is urged to contact the shelter at 203-854-3240.