Actor Gets Shot with Real Bullets During Reenactment Scene

An actor is recovering after being shot with real bullets during a reenactment scene.

It happened just after two Sunday afternoon. The Tombstone Marshal's office says actors Tom Cater- and the victim, Ken Curtis, were acting out a fake gunfight- when a bullet hit Curtis in the leg.

Both men were part of the Tomstone Vigilantes performance group which reenacts historic scenes.

Tombstone is known for it's historic reenactments of Old West gunfights. The performance troop was acting out a mock gunfight during the cities annual "Helldorado Days."

The Helldorado Days celebration marks the historic gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

During the reenactment, Carter's weapon had live rounds instead of blanks.

Besides the bullet that hit Curtis, investigators found spend shell casings for the other five bullets.

Two of those bullets hit nearby businesses and hurt a woman standing by.

The mayor put a stop to the performance until all the actors' bullets could be checked- to avoid another incident like this.

"The rounds are issued from the armorer or the president so that we know you didn't bring your own rounds - the accident can't happen," said actor Woody Cobb. "By insurance rules the gun belt is to be confiscated along with the gun."

Right now, no word if any criminal charges will be filed.