Alapocas Run State Park reopens as search for #Delabear continues

A bear has been making its way through New Castle County, Delaware.

The bear, known as #Delabear on social media, was last spotted Thursday evening in the Alapocas Run State Park. As of Friday night,  Alapocas Run State Park was reopened after there weren't any further sightings of the bear. 

Wilmington resident Jimmy Diana captured the moment the bear sauntered into his backyard Thursday morning. He grabbed his phone to document the rare sighting. 

"There's a bear in our backyard, there's a bear in our backyard," Diana frantically said. The video shows the bear climb up onto Diana's deck and come right up to his backdoor, before wandering back into the yard and leaping atop a fence.

"I thought it was big," Diana told FOX 29's Bruce Gordon. "Everyone was saying it's a cub and I shouldn't be scared, but it was big enough."

Wildlife officials on Wednesday said they were searching for the bear after authorities across the New Castle County fielded several tips from residents.

Officials believe the bear may have migrated into the New Castle County/Wilmington area from Southeast Delaware County in Pennsylvania.

The public is encouraged to report sightings of the bear by calling the Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police 24-hour dispatch line at 800-523-3336.


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