Ambler woman accused of killing grandmother

Police say a woman is accused of killing her grandmother in Ambler and neighbors say they are not shocked by the news.

30-year-old Nicole Cadwalader allegedly killed her grandmother inside their home in the 100 block of South Chestnut Street in Ambler Monday morning.

"I heard noises about 5 o'clock--just a lot of yelling and screaming--but it's an everyday occurrence over there," neighbor Dan Carr said.

Police say when the woman showed up distressed at the police station they went to her home and found her grandmother dead on her bedroom floor. According to police, it was the result of foul play. Her name has not yet being released. Her granddaughter has a lengthy criminal history in Pennsylvania and Florida involving bizarre and threatening behavior. Most recently, she was accused of stealing someone's dog and painting white lines in the street.

"She threatens everybody. I'm not surprised at all. I told Ambler cops this was gonna happen," neighbor Cheryl Carr said.

Neighbors say Cadwalader lived here for a couple years with her mother and grandmother. They say her mother was out of town on business Monday. Neighbor believe based on Nicole's mental state she should not have been living independently.

"You didn't know if she was happy signing or if she was screaming at someone or no one. She'd talk to herself," Dan Carr said.

Another neighbor asked not to be identified.

"I would walk my daughter around the block and she would chase me down," the neighbor said.

Still, there's compassion.

"She was crying out for help and it's a shame nobody helped her."