Animal lovers upset geese could be killed over excessive poop

An animal rights group in Foster City is protesting a plan to kill hundreds of geese in the city.

A save-the-geese rally is scheduled for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in front of City Hall.

But residents who live near Marlin Park say the problem of goose poop has gotten out of hand. And city leaders say droppings left by hundreds of Canadian geese are contaminating the beaches and parks – and they've had enough. 

The city has already tried non-lethal strategies, like turning on strobe lights to shoo the birds away and putting up fencing to keep them out. The city also brought in dogs to scare the geese from the park and tried measures to keep goose eggs from hatching.

But none of those ideas worked, the city said. 

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They also worry the excrement could create public safety problems, from spreading bacteria to causing traffic risks if the geese wander to the roadway.

They are now waiting on a permit from the US Fish and Wildlife to conduct population control to put a stop to the presence geese. 

But animal lovers are upset. 

"I think it's terrible," said Franklin Ma. "I feel like there has to be some alternative."

Monica Moriano said she doesn't think the geese are hurting anyone.

"And they bring natural beauty to the lake, so I don't think Foster City  should go on in harming them," she said. 

A group known as In Defense of Animals says they have 14,000 people against the geese killings and they've sent emails to the city council, making it clear they believe the idea is cruel and ineffective.

Some people told KTVU they would be willing to volunteer their time to pick up after the geese if it meant keeping them around.