Army veteran laid to rest with military honors

The procession holding the remains of 20 year United States Army veteran Lawrence Gregory Moore quietly made its way through Whitemarsh Memorial Park on Friday.

FOX 29's Bill Rohrer has the story.

A unified march that included fellow veterans, Patriot Guard Riders and members of the community. All were there to serve witness to a soldier they didn't even know.

"Lawrence was a man of honor. He served our country in the Army during a time of turmoil and that turmoil is still going on today."

Not one person there ever met Lawrence when he was alive. You see, Lawrence past away 2 years ago. His remains unclaimed by his family were left resting on a nursing home shelf.

That was until Bob Haley, working for the Visiting Nurses Association of Philadelphia, literally found his remains and started asking questions.

"My next question was--is he a vet? And of course he was. I said give me the remains, we are going to take care of him," Haley said.

Bob is an 8-year Marine veteran and knew just what to do next.

"I just put out a couple of feelers and it was just an overwhelming response, how can we help, what could we do. That just blows me it out of the water it really does," Haley said.

"Mr. Moore was stationed in Germany, Italy, France, Vietnam after the war and the first Gulf war."

A social worker put together a brief history of Moore's life. He was a graduate of Philadelphia's Thomas Edison High School in 1969. His love of music led him to the University of Maryland where he graduated with a Master's degree.

A caring family donated his final resting place and Whitemarsh Memorial Park waived all the fees. The outpouring of support had Bob's heart filled with joy.

"It is amazing-- this is community right. At a time where so many things are negative and look bad, this is who we really are as people, as veterans," Haley said.