Atlantic City hopes millions in state money will help rebuild reputation

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small said he will dedicate millions of state money to placing hundreds of crime cameras throughout the troubled shore town. 

Smalls' plan earned the backing of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who on Monday announced $16M in funding. Atlantic City will use $5M to install 250 cameras to its existing network. 

Small admitted that more cameras alone won't solve Atlantic City's problem with crime, but both he and local law enforcement believe it's a strong deterrent. 

"I believe people will be a little more hesitant to commit a crime in front of that camera, knowing it’s there, knowing it’s being recorded and police have access to it," Chief James Sarkos said.

Other chunks of the state money will be poured into improving the famed boardwalk, including replacing rickety boards and making it more accessible for disabled visitors. 

Atlantic City leaders also plan to buy fire trucks, a street sweeper and a garbage truck; some small improvements they believe will help put a sheen on Atlantic City's faded reputation.