Attempted Kidnapping of High School Student Caught on Camera

Stockton, Calif. - A 17-year-old girl walking to school one morning, suddenly found herself fighting for her life when a man attempted to kidnap her.

The girl shrieked so loud, Police say it might have saved her life.

"Our victim did exactly what you are supposed to do- make lots of noise and fight off your assailant," said Officer Joe Silva, of the Stockton Police Department.

Officer Silva says the girl was on her way to McNair High School, walking alone along Inverness Way like she does every morning, when a man got out of his white Sedan- grabbed her- and tried to push her in.

Christian Barriga was the first to see the attack. He came running.

"I seen this girl get tackled on the ground. She managed to get away," said Barriga. "She was running, I was like do you need help? I said it three times, she was so scared, she just kept running."

It was Tammy La's home cameras that caught the suspects escape, and the screams so loud they woke her son up.

Officer Silva says they need to get the suspect off the street. He says, anyone with the audacity to attempt kidnapping a child, could do it again.

Police are currently searching for a suspect in connection with the incident.