Authorities in Bucks County warn to stay out of Delaware River

Authorities in Bucks County have a warning for people trying to beat the heat--stay off the water. The Delaware River is raging. They've already made a dozen rescues.

Another day and another air boat river rescue on the Delaware by the New Hope Eagle Fire Company.

In all, more than a dozen people saved in just the past week because of water conditions that are much more dangerous than they appear. In one case, two people clinging onto tree limbs, saved by rescuers within seconds of their lives.

Solebury Township Police Corporal Aaron Soldavin took FOX 29's Brad Sattin to the water's edge to explain.

"24 hours ago, it was completely underwater, this here, 24 hours ago. Yes,"

And it will be again Friday, as earlier heavy rain upriver heads this way. It may feel warm and look smooth, but rescuers say conditions can be deadly.

The water is expected to rise another three feet.

"You don't know what's underneath this water as dark an muddy as it is. You could drop in a hole and the rip currents will take you," Det. Corporal Jonathan Koretzky said.

And debris in the water can become projectiles.

If you do go out, police advise you use a local tubing company with experts on hand to ensure safety. But even they were grounded earlier this week.