Average gas prices in Philadelphia area climb to around $4 per gallon

Gas prices continue to skyrocket across the country as the war in Ukraine intensifies, and some believe prices will continue to balloon in the weeks ahead.

According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas in Philadelphia was just below $4 Thursday before hitting an average of $4.05 Friday morning. In neighboring New Jersey, motorists were pay $3.69 on average Thursday, before a jump to $3.89 Friday morning.

In Delaware, a gallon will cost you $3.89 a gallon as of Friday. 

"Yesterday coming home it was about $3.98 and this morning driving into work passing here, I saw it was $4.19," Stephanie Mack said, a local motorist who has noticed the pain at the pump. 

Some believe prices will rise even higher over the next several days as the west continues to react to the worsening war in Ukraine. 

"It's going to rise up even more once the Congress pushes through the plan to ban oil imports from Russia, things like that," Mike Taylor said. 

Meanwhile, motorists already battered by inflation in other markets are bracing for even high prices at the pump. 

"Try to cut down on my driving, see what I can do, maybe not fill it all the way just fill it a little bit here and there.  Do what I can do to save as much as I can," Mack said. 

Below is a more specific breakdown of average daily fuel prices in the area as of Friday morning:

  • Pennsylvania - $4.00
  • Philadelphia (5 County Area)- $4.05
  • New Jersey - $3.89
  • South Jersey - $3.84
  • Delaware - $3.89
  • Dover - $3.90
  • National Average - $3.83

All of the Friday averages listed above went up between 11 and 15 cents overnight. They're also all up between 26-30 cents over the previous week, according to AAA.

AAA spokesperson Jana Tidwell spoke to FOX 29 and says pandemic-driven oil prices multiplied by the Russian invasion of Ukraine equals record-breaking pump punishment. 

"If we jumped double digits tonight into tomorrow we will be at or above the record gas price of $4.15 a gallon in the five-county region," she said. 





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