Baby Jude: A family's search for hope

(WJZY)- Jude Sullivan Peters wasn't supposed to live more than two weeks -- now at 16 months, his family is hopeful to even further beat the odds.

Peters has a genetic disorder named Rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata -- a terminal form of dwarfism characterized by shortening of the humerus and femur bones, cataracts, growth deficiency, mental deficiency and a shortened lifespan.

Less than 60 children have the disorder -- few live to 10 years of age and most don't make it passed to their first birthday. Researches in Montreal, Canada are now working on a clinical trial that could extend and even save the lives of children like Jude.

The problem is money. The Peters Family is trying to raise global awareness for and is now working on local fundraisers in Charlotte in hopes of financial contributions to this clinical study.

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