Barbecue restaurant offers discount to gun-toting diners

(FOX NEWS)- To celebrate Texas' Open Carry law going into effect on Jan. 1, a Houston barbecue restaurant offered a big discount to gun carrying diners.

Brooks' Place, a small smokehouse trailer with picnic seating in the Houston suburbs, gave gun-toting patrons a 25 percent discount on their award winning barbecue and pies on Friday.

If you have been to Brooks' Place over the past year you have seen this sign. This is not new. These signs did not just...

Owner Trent Brooks is an avid supporter of the new law and says he offered the deal to show his support for fellow statesmen who decide to open carry handguns.

"We support the new law because it eliminates the fear of gun owners being charged with a crime because someone happens to see the print of the firearm," Brooks wrote on his restaurant's Facebook page.

After Friday, open carriers and concealed carriers have enjoyed a 10 percent discount at the barbecue joint.