Berks County DA warns of scams amid coronavirus crisis

Desperation in the time of the coronavirus has people looking for money anywhere that they can get it and the Berks County District Attorney John Adams says that means electronic scams are going to rise as well.

“We are seeing an increase in the scams that are going on in our community," Adams said. “So we’re seeing a change in the modus operandi that some criminals need to utilize to obtain money."

It doesn’t matter if the scam is in your city or in the suburbs, DA Adams says this crime uptick is happening everywhere: online, over the phone, and in mailboxes.

“We are aware of some scams related to the stealing of personal information and also the stealing of checks," he added.

So for the people that are worried about these scams, is there anything that they can do? DA Adams says yes.

“Be careful with your personal information, your banking information, your credit card number. We don’t want to see you victimized in this time of crisis.”

With many restaurants closed, the open ones are taking credit card numbers online and over the phone but the DA says to make sure that it’s a reputable business.

The DA says that he hasn’t seen anything like this but expects to see a rise in cons related to those who need the money to most, the ones waiting for checks from the government whether it’s through unemployment or through the stimulus.

Some residents of Berks County have said that they are already being careful before they heard that scammers were out in full force. For everyone, it’s important to take care of yourselves and to watch out for anything suspicious.


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