Biggest slice of pizza found in New York

NEW YORK (CHASING NEWS) -- New York's biggest slice? It is most likely going to be found at Koronet Pizza in New York City on Broadway between 110th and 111th Streets.

The make jumbo -- 31-inch -- pizzas there.

How big is one slice? "Too big," according to the man who was making it.

Does size matter in pizza? Size matters in everything. Let's be honest.

"I'm a huge pizza fan," New York City radio host Astra says. "Being from New York City we all know how pizza could be or couldn't be. This place is definitely up there."

Koronet has another location on Broadway between 173nd and 173rd Streets.

Both locations offer regular pizza in addition to the jumbo. Prices start at $4.75 a slice.

For more info visit koronetpizzany.