Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium stepping up enforcement of vaccine requirements

The Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium is stepping up enforcement of their vaccine requirements to make sure underserved communities can get vaccinated first.

Denise Moore Nelson and Nancy Young had never met before coming to the vaccination site run by the Black Doctors COVD-19 Consortium.

After both North Philadelphia residents received their first shot, they stood hand in hand and spoke of it.

"I’m so happy. I never thought I’d be able to get it this early and I’m so glad the doctors put this together so we could get this, and this is my church," Moore said

The Deliverance Evangelistic Church on West Lehigh played host to the mass vaccination effort offering both first and second shots to lines of people, mostly of color, and from the neighborhood.

It’s what founder Dr. Ala Stanford envisioned when this week she urged people from outside the region to stay away.

"I still had some folks that tried. People had a Bryn Mawr address and said but I own property in Philadelphia. I said dude that’s not enough," Dr. Ala Stanford explained.

Stanford, a pediatric surgeon who’s pausing her practice, has emerged as the region’s expert in the equitable distribution of the life saving vaccine.

Her efforts drew Philadelphia singer Patty LaBelle on Friday, who after getting her vaccination shared a safe hug with Stanford.

The Black Doctors city allotment of vaccine has jumped to 2,500 doses a week after the collapse of the troubled Philly Fighting COVID group.

The doctors have been mentioned in a push to open a mass vaccination site at the Linc, but Stanford says now is not the time.


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