Boy, 12, Whose Arm Was Severed Then Reattached is Now Back Home

A Pennsylvania boy is resting comfortably at home after having his arm completely severed and then surgically reattached.

Seth Apel, 12, was helping unload firewood Nov. 7 at his home in the town of Knox using a belt-driven tractor mechanism when his arm was sliced off below the shoulder, the AP reports.

Apel's grandfather administered emergency aid as they awaited the arrival of paramedics, who then packed the limb in ice as they rushed to the hospital.

"Through a long series of miracles, Seth survived and was taken to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh," reads a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising money for the boy's care.

Apel the underwent 12 hours of surgery at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh during which doctors reattached his arm and re-establish blood flow to the limb.

According to Don Rodgers, who created the GoFundMe, there is still a long road ahead for Apel and his family.

"At best, Seth is looking at many more surgeries and a long painful road of rehabilitation and recovery therapy," Rodgers wrote.

Nonetheless, the Apels have remained upbeat and are looking to their faith to help stay that way. Angela Apel, Seth's mom, told KDKA:

"Doctors can't say definitely whether he'll have full function of his arm, but, we are trusting God will give him whatever he needs, and whatever it is, we will be grateful."

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