Boy Injured In Shooting During Game of Ding Dong Ditch

PRYOR, OK- A Childish prank turns violent in Oklahoma this New Year's Day, as one boy in the town of Pryor was shot during a game of Ding Dong Ditch.

Police say the boy was shot as he and two friends partook in a game in the quiet, residential neighborhood.

Cole Peyton and his friends were walking through the neighborhood early Friday, ringing doorbells and running off.

When one homeowner spotted the kids hours after they rang his doorbell, he then grabbed a gun and began firing multiple shots.

Peyton was shot in the back, arm and through his liver.

"We saw three kids walking down by the newer houses. It was kind of odd, but didn't think anything of it," said neighbor Samantha Perry, "I mean, that's just kids being kids right there, I don't think there should've been anything like that involved."

Peyton is recovering at a local hospital after surgery.

The shooter has not been arrested.

The Mayes County District Attorney is currently looking into the matter to see if the shooting was lawful.