Boyertown School District calls emergency meeting after threat rumor

Parents in Berks County are demanding answers. The Boyertown School District called an emergency meeting less than a week after a rumor started swirling about a threat to students.

Frayed nerves for students at Boyertown High School sitting in the same auditorium where rumors are swirling about a Friday morning school shooting. Parents are demanding answers.

Last week, the district was informed by students of a some sort of threat given by a freshman and a senior. Well over the weekend, social media exploded with rumors that the shooting would happen during a 9th grade assembly on student government.

"I can tell you it's not a viable threat," Kristine Parkes with Boyertown Area School District said.

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell asked, "Did it involve a gun?" She replied, "No, no it did not."

In a last minute meeting to calm fears, school district officials and Boyertown police are assuring parents the threat wasn't credible. The students involved won't be coming back to school, but parents say by the time they heard about the threat it was days later. With just 6 days left in school year, some are opting to keep their kids at home.

The district has promised to add more security to campus for the rest of the year. However, some parents want more, including metal detectors, more officers and better communication with parents in this digital age.

"It's just a rumor that got out of control and unfortunately with social media it's so much easier for that to happen," Parkes said.

Boyertown police will be on scene Friday.