Brave 5th Grader Saves 85-year-old's Life

COLUMBIA, SC- It's not every day that a fifth grade boy gets credited for saving someone's life. But that's exactly why Charles Warren from West Columbia, South Carolina is being hailed as a hero.

When the little man describes himself as a normal kid, he's anything but.

He helped save the life of Italen Hudson, an 85-year-old woman who was on the ground for almost an hour.

"I think that more this should happen in the world," he said. "I was riding down my bike and then I saw her on the ground and I asked her 'are you alright,' and didn't get a reply so I got off my bike and ran over there. She couldn't move so I held her shoulders up."

Hudson now calls Charles her "lil angel" after he saved her. She is still recovering at home and Charles is still riding his bicycle, but now, he says, he's constantly on the lookout for her.