Brawl in Newark, Del. caught on camera

Violent video going viral for all the wrong reasons. A fight spills out onto North Chapel Hill Street in Newark outside of a house party.

"They're just fighting to be fighting," said Patricia Hill as she watched the video. She was out with her granddaughter Aniyah Tuesday evening.

"Disgusting. It's just awful the way our kids are fighting each other today," said Hill.

Police released the video hoping to get help identifying those involved. Investigators say the suspects weren't allowed at the party so they left and came back with more people and began attacking others. It happened around 2:30 on the morning of May 21st.

"It's bad. It's something that shouldn't be," said Kevin Hopkins after seeing the video. "I think it's very hard today because it's just so many things that affect young people to do the wrong thing like TV, music and you can't discipline your kids anymore like you used to. It's hard. Kids listen to other kids more than they do their parents these days," said Hopkins.

Police haven't said how old they believe the suspects are or whether anyone was hurt.