Breastfeeding mom uses lingerie ad to highlight 'double standard'

NORTH CAROLINA (WTXF)- One mom is using Victoria's Secret to highlight what she's calling a double-standard when it comes to breastfeeding.

Maria Corry, of North Carolina, shared a breastfeeding photo on Facebook and says she was surprised to learn that it was reported for containing nudity five times.

So since my breastfeeding photo which showed NOTHING got reported more than FIVE times, I'm posting this. I bet this won...

She says the photo did not violate Facebook's nudity standards.

Out of frustration, Corry shared another breastfeeding photo, but this time she covered her nursing baby with a picture of a lingerie-clad Victoria's Secret model.

It struck a chord.

That Facebook post received over 31,000 likes, and the comments section is filled with "brelfies" from fellow breastfeeding moms.

I am not typically one to ever do this as I am very private when nursing but with all this nonsense about people bashing...