Brendan Creato's Autopsy Complete, No Cause of Death Determined

The Camden County Prosecutors office announced Wednesday that the autopsy for 3-year old Brendan Creato was completed. However, the cause and manner of death remains undetermined at this time. The 911 call reporting him missing was released.

9-1-1 call: "I just woke up and my three year old is missing."

There are clips from the call D.J. Creato, the father of 3-year old Brendan, made to police reporting his son missing early Tuesday morning.

9-1-1 call: "I just woke up and he wasn't in my room. I don't know if he wandered out. I don't know what happened. The door was locked. I guess he unlocked it and left."

Three hours after that call a frantic search for the toddler ended when a police dog found him dead 8 blocks away from the Haddon Township apartment where he disappeared. The Medical Examiner says an autopsy did not reveal what caused Brendan's death.

"A 3-year old? I mean how can this happen?" questioned a neighbor so overcome with grief that he couldn't hold back his tears enough to speak on camera. He was out Wednesday night cleaning a spot to start a memorial near the crime scene. This one with candles, a stuffed animal and a sign bearing the word "love".

"I wanted to give him the best memorial. That's why I did this," he said.

Just a few feet away Anita Brown was out walking her dog. She stopped by another memorial also near the wooded area where Brendan's body was found.

"It was very upsetting to see our park was a place of death and loss. So today in a little bit of private prayer time I wanted to know what I could do to help," said Anita.