Brother and sister murdered in Kensington

On some city blocks, neighbors may share a passing wave or smile. Luckier blocks have that one special personality big enough to bring the whole community together. On the 1900 block of East Clearfield Street, that person was 54-year-old Florence, better known as Miss Tina.

Just after 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, Miss Tina's body was discovered along with that of her 49-year-old brother. Both were shot in the head and left for dead inside the rowhome they shared. A concerned sister had broken down the door and found them.

Chonte Lockett grew up visiting Miss Tina. Those in the neighborhood say the retired lunch lady and foster mother gave life to the block, caring for young and old who were drawn by her generous spirit, and making sure her foster kids all graduated high school. Chonte says the slaying of this beloved church lady has left the families in shock.

"When someone got evicted, she let them move in and helped them. She was a person that had love for everybody," Chonte said.

Neighbors last saw Miss Tina on Friday.

No arrests have been made, and no weapon has been recovered.

This is an ongoing investigation. Stay with Fox 29 for updates.