Brothers indicted in roommates 2016 murder

Prosecutors in Burlington County have indicted two brothers on murdering charges after authorities say they murdered a man and buried him in their back yard.

Christopher Costello, 28, and Bryan Costello, 25, were charged with murder, desecration of human remains and related charges in the death of Justin Dubois.

Police say all three men lived in a home on the first block of Spencer Court, where the body was later found by police. The home was owned by the Costello's father.

The investigation began back in October of 2016, when a relative of Dubois' contacted police saying that she had not seen or heard from him in several days.

Investigators then believed Dubois may have been the victim of foul play, and the Costello brothers were identified as suspects. A search warrant was obtained for the home they shared, and detectives found an area of the year where the soil appeared to have recently been dug up.

Excavators then discovered Dubois body.

The Costello brothers have been in custody since November of 2016.