Bucks County group helps ensure drivers get their money's worth at the pump

As gas prices reach new highs, a Bucks County organization is making sure that drivers are getting their money's worth at the pump. 

Bucks County Weights and Measures inspects over 160 local gas stations at least once a year to make sure the price on the pump matches the cost on the marquee board. 

John Devito, a veteran member of Weights and Measures, told FOX 29 that pumps are allowed to be off by 6-cubic inches; which is about the size of a bathroom cup. 

"I have to get it to zero," Devito said. "I want to make sure [drivers] are getting what they pay for."

Bucks County Weights and Measures helps ensure that every drop counts to drivers hammered by high gas prices.

If skyhigh fuel prices weren't enough, instances of fraud and malfunctioning gas station equipment could also victimize drivers. 

Bucks County Consumer Protection Director Michael Bannon said most business owners are "good and honest," but there have been rare cases of fraud.

Skimmers that rip off credit card numbers have been seen at gas station pumps, according to Weights and Measures.

However, what they see much more of is malfunctioning equipment that is either not pumping the full gallon, or giving the consumer more than they paid for. 

"The gas station owner, if they set back the meter, every vehicle that fills up at that pump can add up to a big profit that’s undue," Bannon said. 

The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas rose above $4 a gallon in all 50 states on Tuesday. That's the first time every single state has passed the $4 mark at once.

The national average price of a regular gallon of gasoline Wednesday in just under $4.56 - a jump of four cents from the record set Tuesday.