Bus driver shortage prompts school start time changes in Deptford Township

A school bus driver shortage is resulting in a time change for students and staff at Deptford High School. 

According to an official school letter sent to families of Deptford High School students, the start time will return to 7 a.m.

"This will allow bus drivers to complete a high school run, followed by a middle school run, rather than both occurring at the same time," the letter said. "With more drivers available, they will no longer need to double back for a second batch of students." 

The Central and Pine Acres Early Childhood Centers will return to a start time of 9:15 a.m. to give drivers ten extra minutes. 

Drivers for the youngest students will be from Deptford so the youngest students can be with people familiar from their neighborhoods, according to school authorities. 

Officials say they will also adjust the transportation runs to be more efficient so that student pickup and drop off times will improve. 


Students and families should expect to receive information about their bus number and its corresponding time change. 

"We've received feedback from many families that their transportation has already improved greatly, asking us not to make any changes," School superintendent Arthur Dietz said. "However, please be aware there are students who are still an hour or more late most days. While we understand making large scale changes again will create new problems for the first few days, these changes are necessary to ensure everyone is transported safely and efficiently." 

Officials are urging anyone with transportation issues or questions to call their transportation hotline at 856-718-3270.