Pennridge School Board approves policy banning advocacy symbols, political signs from classrooms

The Pennridge School District has adopted a new controversial policy surrounding advocacy for specific causes and movements. 

The new policy instructs all teachers to remove crosses, political signs, materials discussing abortion, whether pro or against, and LGBTQ+ pride flags and materials from their classrooms. 

The school board was supposed to have further discussion on the policy, but on Tuesday night, they voted to fast-track its approval. 


Joan Cullen, the president of the Pennridge School District School Board, says the policy does not target one specific group but rather is focusing on the removal of all symbols from classrooms. 

"This applies to all symbols. I think we are getting drawn into this idea that it's targeted at one thing. It absolutely is not targeted at one thing," Cullen said. "It's targeted at all advocacies that are influencing because a teacher is in a power of position over students who are impressionable." 

With a vote of 7-2, the policy was approved in the meeting and officials say it will take effect on October 4. 

Advocacy groups are speaking out against the policy, saying students need to know that their teachers and classrooms are safe spaces for them.