Calhoun business under fire following Tripp Halstead family Facebook post

A Calhoun business owner embroiled in a dispute with Tripp Halstead's grandfather over a big t-shirt order, claimed the two sides are "working it all out."

Tripp has received a lot of support from the public since being critically injured by a falling tree in 2012. Many of those supporters ordered "TeamBoom" shirts last year, but haven't received them.

In a recent Facebook post, Larry Hughes stated he paid Electric Rayz Tanning thousands of dollars for t-shirts that weren't delivered. When FOX 5's Deidra Dukes spoke with business owner Tommy Grooms about Hughes' complaint, he said, "We got in touch with the grandpa of the child, and we are working it all out."

Hughes said the Halsteads were first contacted by Tommy Grooms' wife in October 2015, asking if she could help with the printing of the shirts and even donating the art fee they would normally charge. But Hughes claimed he's been getting the runaround since paying the business for the t-shirt order last April, that the company still owes them about 500 shirts, and $6,000 in pre-paid shipping packages.

"I started calling because people weren't getting their shirts, and since then it's been call, call, call, no response," Hughes said.

Hughes claimed the shirts that have been shipped are of poor quality. "Since May, the first of June, they have printed some shirts, but nothing like they said they were going to."

While Grooms insists he'll print and ship the remaining shirts, Hughes said he just wanted his shipping materials returned, and is going to work with another printer to complete the orders.

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