California police chase finally over, suspect's wounds undetermined

An early morning police chase in southern California has ended with the suspect leading police shot at a dead end.

FOX station KTTV reported the man in a stolen car was driving erratically through several towns, including Paramount and Downey, when FOX 29 put up the video and narration on its Facebook page.

According to KTTV, "The stolen car raced through heavy intersections at high speeds and dodged other vehicles on the freeways before coming to a dead end in a gated parking lot, where shots were fired by police as the suspect turned the car towards them."

Luckily, no innocent drivers or pedestrians were hit.

The driver did not take direction and give himself up. Instead, a threat with a car is considered a threat to officers' lives.

The same officers performed CPR on the suspect but then stopped, possibly a sign he was dead.

Nothing is expected to be moved during a long police investigation at the scene.

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