Cape May Cares for Hurricane Michael victims

More help for Florida, struggling to recover after Hurricane Michael, is on the way from southern New Jersey. Another truck full of supplies is being mobilized in Cape May County.

All the students of Ms. Venturini's first grade class know is that in Florida, there are people in need and their classmate - Matthew - has a dad who is going to Florida to help.

"Because they don't have any food," said Matthew Chin.

So, it was all smiles all around as the Cape May Court House students loaded the bright yellow rental truck with donated goods and their teacher beamed at what they'd gathered in just two days.

"I told them we're going to help some people that had some bad weather that made them lose things. They went home and brought in goods," said teacher Lynsey Venturini.

This the third mission of mercy to a storm ravaged region by Cape May Cares, a group of former military and law enforcement volunteers.

Chris Chin is leading the effort.

"This storm came out of nowhere and blew up. Sitting and watching the damage, how could I not help?" stated Chris Chin.

It started when Hurricane Harvey raked Houston and Chin and others sent a truck of relief items.

When North Carolina was hit, Cape May Cares drove a supply truck there.

Tuesday mid-afternoon in a Cape May County business, the truck was loaded with water, blankets and pet food for the journey to Florida.

Helen Fink lived in Stone Harbor in 1962 when a Nor'easter struck.

She appeared Tuesday with a backseat full of donations and a message of hope.

"It gets better. All you can do is work through it and move on," said Fink.

For more information on ways to help, see the Cape May Cares Facebook page or the Cape May Cares GoFundMe page.