Car hits towed vehicle, goes airborne on Detroit highway

A Michigan State Police trooper, tow truck driver, and a driver are all very lucky to escape not only with their lives but with no serious injuries. After watching this video, you may wonder how that happened.

A Michigan State Police Trooper was assisting a tow truck driver at I-96 and the Southfield Freeway Thursday morning when they all narrowly avoided tragedy.

The driver had a disabled car that was being loaded up onto the truck when another that was trying to enter the I-96 from the Southfield Expressway slammed into the back of the car and tow truck and went airborne.

You can hear the trooper and the passengers from the car that was hit scream in disbelief.

Somehow, despite the high impact of the crash, nobody was injured.

Just as the car hit the other car, the tow truck operator jumps out of the way and into the flow of traffic. He had no other option but to do that and, somehow, there were no cars coming at that moment. Had it have been 5 seconds earlier, the tow truck driver would have had nowhere else to go.

The driver was cited for failing to give a lane to emergency vehicles.

At the start of the video, you can hear the trooper call to ask for another car to shut the ramp down because people were spinning out. Another car never made it.

Watch it unfold in the dramatic video above.