Car totaled from falling concrete off Route 1 in Comcast parking lot

A man is looking for help after his car was totaled in a Comcast parking lot.

He says a piece of cement fell onto his car earlier this month. At first, Comcast officials agreed to pay the costs. Now, they have changed their minds.

Just a walk from his front room to his kitchen is enough to make 77-year-old William Lane gasp for breath.

"Emphysema. I have kidney disease. I have high blood pressure," said Lane.

His car was his life-line, providing him access to doctors, therapy and the grocery store.

But, falling chunks of concrete with metal in them took care of that.

"I hear a boom. I thought a car had fallen off the overpass and hit me," Lane explained.

It was June 1st. Lane had driven his goddaughter to the Comcast Service Center on the 4400 block of Wayne Avenue.

That boom he heard while backed-in to the handicapped spot closest to the door was concrete falling from U.S. Route 1 directly above.

Sections of missing concrete can easily be seen overhead.

Lane's back window, trunk and some of the interior of his 2007 Chevy Cavalier were smashed.

The vehicle was a total loss.

Lane says Comcast told him it would cover his losses and even paid for a rental car.

But, later, the message changed.

"They say it wasn't their fault. They say the car was parked on their property, but it was not their responsibility," Lane stated.

Police tape rings a section of the service center, strung along a fence that bars entrance to the lot.

A Comcast spokesperson says it closed the center immediately after the incident for the safety of the public and its workers.

The company argues this is the responsibility of the state which controls Route 1.

Comcast says it contacted police, but the local district says it knew of the incident, but not why the facility had been closed to the public.

Meanwhile, Lane says without a car, he's left to ask for rides or just stay home.

"I can't go anywhere. I just sit here. I can't walk to the corner. I walk to the corner, I run out of breath," Lane said.

PennDOT says it takes these events seriously, and it will help Lane with any claim he makes against the state.

Comcast is sorry about any misinformation Mr Lane may have received about its coverage and it has pledged to help Lane with any claim he makes against the state. Comcast is offering Lane $1,000 tonight.