Carli Lloyd expresses optimism in spite of COVID-19's impact on sports, 2020 Summer Olympics

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee announced that the 2020 Summer Olympics would be postponed and “be held by the summer of 2021” amid the growing COVID-19 pandemic.

Shortly after the officials confirmed the postponement Tuesday, Good Day Philadelphia briefly spoke to New Jersey native, U.S. Women’s Soccer star and Olympian Carli Lloyd.

“I was hearing rumblings of the potential of postponement, even cancelation,” Lloyd said at the time. “It’s sad and unprecedented times, but thankfully there’s going to be an Olympics – we’re just going to have to wait a little bit.”

Even before the postponement was made official, numerous countries had publicly refused to send their athletes or urged for the postponement of the event itself.

The women’s soccer legend joined Good Day Philadelphia again to further explain her reaction to the news Wednesday.  

“I definitely think it was the right thing to do,” Lloyd told Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley about the committee’s decision to postpone the Olympics. “It really throws everybody into a little bit of a wrench.”


It is only the fourth time in history since the U.S. began to participate that the Summer Olympics were canceled -- with prior times involving both World Wars. As such, the rare occurrence has left athletes absolutely stunned.

“I think soccer we’re okay,” Lloyd explained about how different sports might respond to the news. She explained that some athletes might benefit from more time to train ahead of the event, but normal sports schedules will need to be shifted to accommodate the postponement and some athletes might have to reconsider plans in terms of qualifying.

In a positive perspective, Lloyd detailed that while it is unfortunate that the games will not happen when originally expected, the U.S. Women's National Team will have a chance to recharge. 

"I'm kind of enjoying the pause of life -- not on these terms, you know, but it is kind of nice to do nothing," Lloyd said. 

While Lloyd hasn’t announced official plans to retire from playing soccer professionally, she did explain that the delayed Summer Olympics will allow her time to really improve her game and give her time to consider further career plans.

“We have to try and make the best of it,” Lloyd said optimistically.

It is not yet known when the Summer Olympics will be rescheduled for but until then Carli Lloyd, like many other athletes, will continue to focus her energy on training and working with teammates in anticipation of competitions.


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