Cat stuck in tree for several days in Old City

A cat has been stuck in a tree in the historic Rose Garden at 4th and Walnut in Old City for a few days.

"We're all feeling bad for the cat. We're worried that the cat's not going to make it through the night."

Kathy Rosati's office has a window that gives her a direct view of the furry feline perched in a tree for at least a few days or so, according to some who work there.

"Would like to see the cat safely down and back to its good home wherever that may be."

Philadelphia firefighters came by to check out the situation and see if they could get the cat down but had no luck.

Angelo Ruffo says he's saved more than 500 cats in his career as a rescuer.

"He looks pretty weak up there. His head's kind of bobbing looking a little lethargic," he explained.

He's worried about what another storm could mean since this little guy already went through one.

"The winds are picking up. These trees are swaying. My biggest concern is that he gets blown out tonight because he's so weak and might not be able to hang on," Ruffo said.