Caught on Camera: Car Crashes into Camden County Liquor Store

It was a really close call for customers and employees at a Camden County liquor store. A car crashed right through the wall. The crash happened Friday evening on the White Horse Pike in Laurel Springs.

"I think that's pretty crazy, you know what I mean. I hope that everybody was alright though. Accidents do happen," said Clayton resident Mark Fields.

Yes, but they seem to especially happen at "Wino-O-Land" on the White Horse Pike, where employees say this is the fourth time in recent years a car came barreling through. No one was hurt on Friday. The man behind the counter went right back to work, employees jumped over broken glass to keep customers moving and even they pulled up saying, oh, no, not again.

"They made a drive through over here. This isn't the first time, this is not the first time. What is it with this place? They should have a drive through.

After the last crash last year, these concrete posts went up.. but, as you can tell, this one didn't hold up well when police say an elderly female driver hit the gas instead of the brake Friday afternoon. The car was quickly removed.

Just an accident, but there was a crime committed while FOX 29 was inside. Employee Ruben Isabel showed FOX 29 how he caught a man allegedly stealing. He described how the alleged thief reached up inside the store and took off with bottles of liquor. He chased the man down and out of breath showed us how he snapped a photo of the suspect. He says he actually was able to get one of the bottles back.

There's about $5,000 damage to the store, not counting the lost alcohol. The manager tells FOX 29 they do have insurance.