Caught on Camera: Fight Inside Local High School Cafeteria

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Absolute chaos broke out inside the cafeteria of a Philadelphia high school and it was caught on camera. It has parents furious and wondering how did things get so out of hand inside their children's school?

FOX 29's Weekend's Karen Hepp spoke to some concerned parents.

This cafeteria fight broke out at George Washington High Thursday. You can see students taking phone videos. It goes on for nearly a minute, and only ends when the kids break it up, according to the video.

"We don't have enough staff to keep behavior under control that's the whole issue we need help," student Megan MaGee told FOX 29.

17-year-old Megan Magee loves her school but feels unsafe that's why she posted this video on Facebook as a desperate plea. She says she's tired of violence

"It shouldn't be normal to us .Something needs to be done we need help," she explained.

A broken window, kids walking in a trail of blood that goes on and on and all down several halls, she says, it's traumatizing

"I'm nervous for daughter to go to school," said her dad, Ed Magee.

The Magee family say they've seen a big change at Washington just this year, where kids are getting hurt and facing real dangers

FOX 29 reached out to the school district by phone and by email. They said they were unavailable for an on camera interview but would send a statement which we are still waiting for at this time.