Caught on Camera: Man attacks SEPTA officer in Southwest Philadelphia

A female officer was trying to stop a trespasser at the Angora regional rail station in Southwest Philadelphia when she was violently shoved to the ground. The incident was caught on camera.

Body cam footage shows the SEPTA police sergeant heading to a call for a report of young trespassers on the track area. The video shows her walking over to help a fellow officer but then a man darts out. He shoves her to the ground using both hands and runs off, according to the video.

The sergeant's body camera captures the entire cowardly attack. Seconds later, bystanders show up to check on the officer as her camera points to the sky.

Investigators say the sergeant suffered head, neck and back injuries.

SEPTA also released still images of the attacker. He is believed to be between 30 and 35, 6'0" and 170 pounds. Cops also say the suspect has a medium complexion and was wearing a white T-shirt, dark in color, green and black camo style cargo shorts.

Police say the officer is at home recovering from her injuries. The suspect is in police custody. No charges have been filed.