Caught on Camera: Teen Beaten in Park

Oak Park, MI-(FOX 2)--Sixteen-year-old Breanna arrived for a doctors appointment in St Clair Shores Monday, with noticeable brusing and swelling. She just wants the pain to go away.

Her injuries came after she says she was beaten at a park in Oak Park where she went with her cousin to meet friends.

"I see eight girls hop out of the car and after that I was stomped and beat up," said Breanna.

"I don't know if it was a setup, girls attacked them," said Stacey Coleman, whose daughter was attacked.

Breanna says she has no idea why anyone would want to attack her but she says the beating was so vicious her body still aches from the attack.

"I got blood vessels popped in my eye, this eye is swollen."

As Breanna continues to heal from the attack, Oak Park police are trying to figure out what happened.

Police tell FOX 2 they are still in the early stages of the investigation, but it appears the incident started off as a mutual fight. But Breanna's mom believes someone should pay for what happened to her daughter.

"Justice for my daughter she didn't deserve this," she said.

Breanna says she hopes the girls will be punished for what they did, but says no matter what happens with the police investigation her life has been changed forever.

"I don't know who to trust," she said.